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We love change, and embrace the simplicity of ‘less’ in contrast to the vulgarity of ‘more.’ Consider us bold and blatant carriers of change, in pursuit of effective functionalism and comfort. It is the core purpose of our 22-year-old existence to bring forth a revolution in design thinking and contemporary architecture in Bangladesh.

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Design is a powerful choice to make on your behalf. How far we choose to think of your space, efficiency, and comfort has a direct impact on you. We know that. Hence, every possibility of emotion, material, nature, relationship, work and environment is considered for the greatest quality of living ecosystems.

The result? Beautifully designed homes and offices which move away from Old Cluttered-European Architecture - to Modern, Minimalist-Scandinavian Spaces.


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Going green comes naturally to us. We were inspired in a culture which respects nature within our local heritage! The environment powers your lives in the hectic urban city, allowing you to breathe and replenish your mind without boundaries. At RANGS, freedom was never just an expression or marketing tool. This strictly reflects in our tranquil designs.

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Oh, numbers! We love it. We use it. We apply it. You live it. Every structure is born from dots, lines, curves, calculations, and proportions. Ours are immaculate, based on blueprints of your reality. From the allocation of smart workspaces to cozy bedrooms, we format every square-inch with a purpose for being there. No emptiness is left without a cause.

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In the end, our creations stand as a testimonial to exclusive lifestyle in the Real-Estate Industry of Bangladesh today. Step inside them to experience true safety, luxury and comfort for decades to come! Mark them clearly from the Heavens, standing apart with unprecedented styling and purpose. Live in them, and forever enjoy the prestige of our signature.